Building Business Relationships

This advanced customer service training goes beyond basic service or sales training.  Even with the best products and services, research shows you still need to build strong customer relationships to succeed in the marketplace. This onsite seminar provides tips and techniques to improve service and build stronger customer relations at all levels.

As an advanced service and sales training session, participants learn more than just asking closed and open questions in the sales and service process. They learn how to ask questions that impact the customer and get to the heart of the client/supplier relationship. For example: Rather than just asking, “Is there anything else I can do for you?” how about asking a question that shows the customer you want their business? Try this, What would need to happen for you to consider us your best supplier?” or how about, “What factors do you use to measure if a supplier is your best supplier?”

Participants learn how to deliver good news and bad news effectively. They learn how to get the most benefit out of delivering good news to the customer, how to deliver difficult messages, and how to get customers to accept information and proposals they may not want to hear.

The skills and techniques developed in this session help improve your understanding of the client’s needs and how to best meet those needs for improved client relationships. The better your relationship-building skills, the better your chances are of convincing current and potential customers to do business with you and develop long-term client commitments.

Who Should Attend

Designed for account managers, service reps, and salespeople, this seminar develops skills and techniques to help build rapport with customers, improve client relationships and engage customers more effectively to improve both sales and customer service.

Training Benefits

  • Improve customer relationship dynamics
  • Get clients to buy “you” as well as your company’s products and services
  • Uncover the real customer needs, both spoken and unspoken, to serve them better
  • Deal effectively with customer disagreement
  • Build higher levels of customer confidence
  • Build stronger levels of customer commitment

Course Methodology

This highly interactive course includes trainer presentations, group activities, working in pairs, individual exercises, discussions, reflection, quizzes and case studies. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their challenges and share good practice.

Course Inclusions:

  • Comprehensive learning materials incl. exercise files
  • Post course telephone support
  • ‘Certificate of Attendance’ on completion of the course
  • Light lunch

Deal: 5% discount for two to four participants and 10% discount for 5 and above participants. We also offer virtual learning on WhatsApp and Zoom. Contact us for details.

Training Details




10 am – 4 pm daily


N200,000 per participant.

Acct Name

Adoney Associates Limited

Acct No

4110014604 (Polaris Bank)




Batch B: Jan 16-18,2024, Feb 7-9, 2024, March 11-13, 2024, May 21-23, 2024, July 3-5, 2024, Sept 18-20, 2024, Oct 9-11, 2024, Nov 18-20, 2024, Dec 4-6, 2024.

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