Proposal Writing Course

This course will teach you the most efficient process to plan and organize a business proposal. It also explains how to hone language and tone to make your service, product, or solution more compelling to the client. This is a practicum course. You will learn how to plan and write an actual work proposal with review and guidance in incremental steps.
The self-paced course also includes a live one-on-one coaching session to review your final proposal and ensure future proposals are strong.

Once you finish the Proposal Writing Course you will be able to:

  • Employ an efficient process for planning and organizing information and ideas.
  • Discern what most matters to your potential client and articulate the specific value you offer that client.
  • Persuasively document the competence, skill, and solutions your company offers.
  • Format and organize your proposal logically.
  • Express clear deliverables and present fees favorably.
  • Write with engaging, succinct, and correct language.
  • Save time writing proposals and ensure consistent quality.
  • Close more business.

Course Methodology

This highly interactive course includes trainer presentations, group activities, working in pairs, individual exercises, discussions, reflection, quizzes and case studies. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own challenges and share good practice.

Who is this course for?

This training is a great fit for you or your organization if you or your team:

  • Write new business proposals or respond to RFPs.
  • Are responsible for sales or marketing.
  • Are new to writing proposals.
  • Want to elevate the skills of experienced proposal writers?
  • Needs to save time and frustration when writing proposals.
  • Write proposals collaboratively and need to streamline that process.
  • Review proposals before submission.

Course Inclusions:

  • Comprehensive learning materials incl. exercise files
  • Post course telephone support
  • ‘Certificate of Attendance’ on completion of the course
  • Light lunch

Deal: 5% discount for two to four participants and 10% discount for 5 and above participants. We also offer virtual learning on WhatsApp and Zoom. Contact us for details.

Training Details




10 am – 4 pm daily


N110,000 per participant.

Acct Name

Adoney Associates Limited

Acct No

4110014604 (Polaris Bank)




Batch A: Aug 17-18, 2021,  Oct 20-21, 2021

Batch B: March 15-16, 2022,  May 17-18, 2022,  July 19-20, 2022

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